• Virginia Contracts

Virginia Contracts

Virginia government contracts are awarded to local businesses both small and large. Virginia agencies are looking for all types of companies to launch new projects and step in to provide the government with much needed products and services. These government contract opportunities offer Virginia businesses the chance to grow and expand their companies in ways that may not be possible otherwise.

We help both VA business owners and involved citizens keep informed about how Virginia government contracts are being awarded and which government contractors in Virginia are receiving them.

Get Details on the Latest Virginia Government Contracts

Virginia state contracts are worth thousands of dollars. Businesses that have a better understanding of the types of VA contract jobs being offered and which companies are getting them will have an advantage when it comes to securing a contract of their own.

Citizens of Virginia can also use our government contracts database to research exactly how much the state is spending on contract jobs and what the money is being used for.

Search the Virginia government contracts database to get details including:

  • Which Virginia agencies are awarding contracts
  • Names of businesses receiving contracts
  • Total obligated amount for all Virginia contracts
  • Map of locations where the work will be preformed
  • Total amount of bids put in for all contracts in VA
  • Total number of contractors that have been awarded a contract

You can also search by city to find government contracts awarded in your exact area. We update our database regularly to provide users with the latest information on new Virginia contracts.

Search for the Top Government Contractors in Virginia

Find out who is being awarded Virginia government contracts. In the Contractors section you can get details about a specific business that has been awarded a Virginia contract. Information about government contractors in Virginia includes:

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Total obligated amount for their Virginia contracts
  • Number of agencies that have awarded the Virginia contracts
  • Total contracts the business has worked on
  • Links to the business' Virginia government contracts

It's a complete breakdown that gives you look at the types of businesses that the state of Virginia is working with and how involved each company is in government contract work.

Learn Which Virginia Agencies Award Government Contracts

It's also important to know which state and federal agencies are issuing, awarding and funding Virginia government contracts. Government-Contracts.us provides users with detailed information, such as:

  • Which agencies award the most contracts in Virginia
  • How much an agency has obligated to contracts
  • How many bids they've received
  • The total number of contractors an agency has given government contracts to

All this information will help you determine how much contract work is happening in Virginia, trends in the types of contract jobs being offered, which government entities are most active in awarding Virginia contracts and much more.

Virginia Statistics
  • $7,625,955,592.32 Total Obligated Amount
  • 22,786 Total Transactions
  • 4,105 Total Contractors
  • 3,363 Total Contract Recipients
  • 174,856 Total Offers
Statistics By Year
Date Total Obligated Amount Transactions Total Offers Number of Agencies Involved Contractors
2012 $4,332,180,884.55 8,621 39,333 240 1,929
2013 $3,293,774,707.77 14,165 135,523 310 3,544
Statistics By Month
Date Total Obligated Amount Transactions Total Offers Number of Agencies Involved Contractors
Jan $927,655,446.05 2,517 11,798 205 991
Feb $759,952,500.28 3,867 47,624 260 1,621
Mar $1,280,679,926.20 5,256 47,886 275 1,973
Apr $325,486,835.24 2,525 28,215 239 1,152
Oct $1,315,051,997.60 2,643 10,063 193 957
Nov $1,114,543,736.81 2,826 14,845 197 1,082
Dec $1,902,585,150.14 3,152 14,425 205 1,140