Windsor Contracts

In Windsor County, VT local, state and federal government contracts are awarded to businesses that are best equipped to help agencies carry out day to day activities as well as short term projects that aim to improve the community. From building repairs to canine training services Windsor County contracts provide a wide variety of companies with many opportunities to grow their business.

The information found here is also useful for concerned citizens and watch groups interested in tracking Windsor County spending. It's a comprehensive resource that outlines the agencies issuing and awarding the contracts, which companies are receiving Windsor County contracts and the type of work the contracts entail.

The Latest Windsor County Government Contracts

Windsor County contracts are serious business for the local economy. The information contained in these government contracts provide insight on potential job opportunities, improvements in the community and whether or not public funds are being allocated properly. It's especially important for business owners to be up-to- date on trends in Windsor County contracts such as the type of jobs that are on the rise and the companies that have already been awarded with contracts.

Search the Windsor County contracts database to discover:

  • Which agencies are awarding contracts in Windsor County, VT
  • The Windsor County businesses that have been awarded contracts
  • Total amount for all Windsor County contracts
  • Where the work will be preformed
  • Number of bids on all contracts in Windsor County, VT
  • Number of contractors that have been awarded Windsor County contracts

Windsor County contracts are awarded throughout the fiscal year. ensures you get information on the latest Windsor County contracts by regularly updating the database with new contracts as they are awarded.

The Top Government Contractors in Windsor County

Users can also see who exactly is being awarded Windsor County contracts in the Contractors section. Here you'll get details on each business that has received a government contract in Windsor County, VT. Information about Windsor County government contractors in includes:

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Agencies that have awarded the Windsor County contracts
  • Amount allocated for their Windsor County contracts
  • Number of contracts the business has received
  • Links to additional information on each Windsor County contract

Want more information on contract jobs in Windsor County? Search the Nearby Cities and Agencies sections for details on the government agencies that are awarding Windsor County contracts, and to see how much your local government is spending on contracts compared to the rest of the surrounding area.

Windsor County, VT Statistics
  • $2,819,881.64 Total Obligated Amount
  • 118 Total Transactions
  • 55 Total Contractors
  • 51 Total Contract Recipients
  • 10,556 Total Offers
Statistics By Year
Date Total Obligated Amount Transactions Total Offers Number of Agencies Involved Contractors
2012 $572,259.96 27 141 17 13
2013 $2,247,621.68 91 10,415 29 55
Statistics By Month
Date Total Obligated Amount Transactions Total Offers Number of Agencies Involved Contractors
Jan $347,858.00 13 119 19 9
Feb $281,309.36 18 5,018 17 14
Mar $645,071.27 22 4,067 21 16
Apr $973,383.05 38 1,211 16 30
Oct $466,582.62 11 15 9 6
Nov $103,999.34 13 123 13 9
Dec $1,678.00 3 3 8 2