City of West Covina Contracts

Local businesses of all sizes are eligible to receive West Covina contracts. These contracts offer West Covina companies the opportunity to grow their business and work one on one with the city, state and federal government. It's important to know who these West Covina government contracts are being awarded to, how much is being spent in the city and what officials are using public funds for.

At West Covina business owners and citizens can remain informed on how West Covina contracts are being awarded and which government contractors in West Covina are winning bids.

See the Latest West Covina Government Contracts

West Covina government contracts can greatly affect the city's economy. Every year thousands of dollars are spent on contract jobs in West Covina - is your business ready to capitalize on that revenue? Companies that understand what types of contract jobs being offered and which businesses are getting them can improve their chances of securing a contract of their own.

West Covina locals can also stay informed by using our government contracts database to find out exactly how much the city is allocating for contract jobs, what the money is being used for and where the funds are coming from.

Search the West Covinacontracts database to get details including:

  • Which agencies are awarding West Covina contracts
  • The businesses that have received contracts
  • Total obligated amount for all West Covina contracts
  • Map with locations where the work is being preformed
  • Number of bids put in for all contracts in West Covina, CA
  • Number of contractors that have been awarded contracts

West Covina government contracts are awarded throughout the year. To ensure you receive the latest information on new West Covina contracts we update the database on a regular basis.

Find the Top Government Contractors in West Covina

Discover who is being awarded West Covina government contracts. In the Contractors section you can get detailed information on each business that has received a government contract in West Covina, CA. Information about government contractors in West Covina includes:

  • Business name
  • Address
  • Total amount obligated for their West Covina contracts
  • Total number of contracts the business has worked on
  • Agencies that have awarded the West Covina contracts
  • Links to information on each West Covina contract

These breakdowns will give you an inside look at the types of companies the city of West Covina is working with and how involved each business is in government contract work.

Get even more information on contract jobs in West Covina and the surrounding area by searching the Nearby Cities and Agencies sections. You'll get details on the agencies that are awarding West Covina contracts and how much your city is spending on government contracts compared to the rest of the region.

West Covina, CA Statistics
  • $63,159,611.38 Total Obligated Amount
  • 1,417 Total Transactions
  • 7 Total Contractors
  • 7 Total Contract Recipients
  • 8,457 Total Offers
Statistics By Year
Date Total Obligated Amount Transactions Total Offers Number of Agencies Involved Contractors
2012 $72,074.38 3 3 9 3
2013 $63,087,537.00 1,414 8,454 21 7
Statistics By Month
Date Total Obligated Amount Transactions Total Offers Number of Agencies Involved Contractors
Jan $357,410.00 1 1 4 1
Feb $1,053,648.00 15 91 4 1
Mar $17,423,945.00 498 2,962 17 6
Apr $44,252,534.00 900 5,400 4 1
Oct $72,074.38 3 3 9 3